Hey Dog Lovers!

Did you know that every year there is an estimated six to eight million animals that end up in shelters? I personally had no idea that there were that many homeless animals! The saddest part is only half of these animals find forever homes. The rest are euthanized. I find this truly heartbreaking.

Homeless animals exist all over the United States. It is however most prominent in the southern states. The Montgomery Country Animal Shelter has a 98% euthanizing rate for dogs and a 100% rate for cats. By not spaying or neutering animals increases the animal population and causes most of them to end up in shelters.


My interest in animal adoption began four years ago when I saved my fluffy brother, Karson. I was heartbroken from the unexpected loss of my six-year-old dog Tanner to bone cancer. When I saw Karson’s little face I knew I needed to bring him home. My family may have saved him, but in reality he saved us. The joy and love he gives to us every day is indescribable.

To solve the issue of over crowed shelters begins with us. We have the power to give an animal a second chance. By saying no to breeders, and yes to shelters is the first step. These animals have no voice so we need to speak for them. Many shelters are working to help resolve this problem.

As sad as the statistics are, there are many success stories! A new success story is always happening and a new one can begin with you. Check out the animals currently waiting to go home here and stay tuned for more of my posts about why animal adoption rocks! Let’s save some lives.


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