Be Prepared!

When you make the choice to adopt an animal it is important that you are prepared. Bringing home a pet is a forever commitment. When you follow my steps it will help make sure that you are bringing home the perfect pet for your family.

Before you go to your local shelter or rescue make sure your family agrees on what type of animal you are looking to adopt. Shelters and rescues have all different types of animals to look at. Once you agree on the type of animal, you should discuss the age. The age of animal will dictate how much work will be required. All animals require training but the younger the animal, the more involvement will be needed. Older pets can be perfect additions to your family too. ASPCA recommends creating a list of questions to ask your shelter about each animal you are interested in. They say by doing this you can get a better feel of the animals personality and past.

Once you arrive at the rescue or shelter walk around and look at all the different animals there. They sometimes say that the animal will pick you. I really believe this. When we adopted my dog Karson he kept looking at us and wanting to be near my family. When we were sitting on the floor by him he put his head on my leg, after that it was a done deal. He was part of the Meyers family.


Don’t be hesitant to talk to the staff about the animals you are interested in. These people work with them everyday and know the pet. Some shelters allow you to put a hold on the animal for an amount of time to make a decision and others don’t. I also recommend taking a pet personality test, like the one here. This test can help assess what breed and size of dog is perfect for you!



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