Fluffy Dog Rescue

The Fluffy Dog Rescue was started in 2006. This rescue is made up of all volunteers who work together to help save fluffy dogs. Lori started this rescue when she was looking on Petfinder and saw a posting for a small white fluffy dog captioned “Dog Urgent”. She called the shelter in Blount County Alabama where she was told she only had a few days left. She was able to arrange a ride for the dog to Wisconsin in five weeks.

Lori said the day the dog arrived she was so excited, but they were also very surprised. She was bigger then they were expecting. The dog was actually just a puppy and ended up weighing 80 pounds. She ended up being named Bailey. Once Bailey was home Lori spend much time thinking about all the other dogs like Bailey.

This lead to the start of Fluffy Dog Rescue which works with kill shelters in southern states due to overpopulation of animals. The mission of Fluffy Dogs Rescue is to save the lives of single coat, low shed, fluffy dogs of any size in need. I think this is a great concept for a rescue! Fluffy Dog Rescue has a network across the country that works together to bring dogs in need to their forever homes.

Fluffy Dog Rescue has recently became active on Facebook. They use Facebook to connect with individuals who have adopted from them in the past, to showcase the current dogs they have, to just silly posts for all dog lovers! Their Facebook presence helps give them a more personal approach.

Here are 2 of the current dogs at Fluffy Dog Rescue!



Lucy is a wire-haired terrier mix! She is about 1 years old from Alabama. She is a playful dog that loves kids!



Ernie is a Shih Tzu Poodle mix who is just a puppy arriving from Alabama. He is a very sweet dog!

To look at the rest of the dogs currently at Fluffy Dog Rescue check out the website at http://rescue.fluffydog.net/ There is also opportunities to foster a dog and donate to the rescue. Which fluffy dog is your favorite? I can’t wait to adopt my own fluffy dog soon!


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